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14.11.2013 - 19:14
EMR 2014 Schedule of Events
19.08.2013 - 06:32
AAR: Quest for the Holy Grail @ EMR, AUG...
06.08.2013 - 06:10
Google+ "Pages" Page
26.07.2013 - 07:33
After Action Reports & Upcoming Events R...
26.07.2013 - 07:26
Regarding Peter "Cookie Monster" Murphy....
30.04.2013 - 11:45
AAR: Spring Castle @ EMR
12.04.2013 - 12:50
Remaining 2013 Scenario Games List
25.03.2013 - 11:49
AAR: March Meltdown Event @ EMR, "The Pa...
26.07.2012 - 04:54
New Website Policy
19.01.2012 - 05:53
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EMR News  EMR 2014 Schedule of Events
Hello All! Here's the 2014 Schedule of Events @ EMR

FEB 1/2 - WINTER WAR: One Day Scenario: Finland VS. the Soviet Union during the year 1939. Produced by “SMOKEY” Decker of Team Red Raiders. Pre-Register: $25 for Entry or $80 for Entry and a Case of Frostbite Paint by 1/17/14. Walk-On: $30 Entry & $75 per case. Field Paint Only (as usual!)

MAR 29/30 - MARCH MELTDOWN: “The PA 7", a 7 Hour Scenario Game produced by TYGUR Gurdak of Team Dogs of War. $20 per player for the entire weekend prepaid by 3/14/14 or $30 at the event. Selling Winter Paint for $65 per case Prepaid by 3/14/14 that can only be used for this event and Open Play.

APR 26/27 - SUPER CASTLE CONQUEST: Two Big Attack and Defend Games at Two Different Castles. Saturday: 3 to 1 ODDS and 15 Minute Insertions for Attackers and 10 Minute Insertions for Defenders at CASTLE AAARRGH . The Player’s Party is being hosted in the Rec. Center Saturday Night and will include food, beverages, DJ, and contests along with the customary Bon Fire. Sunday: 4 to 1 Odds and 20 Minute Insertions for Attackers and 10 Minute Insertions for Defenders at CASTLE WAR. Only $40 Entry for the entire Weekend and $65 Per Case of DXS Bronze Paintballs if Prepaid by 4/11/14.

JUN 28/29 - “WESTERN WARS/SUPER GAME GOLD RUSH” 2-Day SCENARIO HYBRID GAMEs with BONEHEAD’S BIG’N BBQ: Play WW Saturday with 13 Flag Stations, Missions every 30 minutes, Props, Dynamite and Whiskey. Nighttime Games of Chance and Skill for Prizes, Bon Fire, Fireworks, BONEHEADS BBQ, and a Rootin Tootin good time as the NATIVE WARRIORS led by “DA WOLF” attempt to drive the SOLDIERS AND SETTLERS commanded by Greg "RED" Hastings of Fields of Battle Video Game out of their land. Then Play GOLD RUSH Sunday produced by our very own USA MOATI and based on Dan Bonebrake’s SUPERGAME with Multiple Gold Mines worth Gold Pieces every half hour that can be turned in for Points for your side and Prize Tickets to win a full Head to Toe PRIZE PACKAGE including a Marker, CA Bottle, Loader, Pack, Pods, Mask, Jersey, Pants, Gloves, and Gear Bag. In Honor of Team BONEHEADS 25th Anniversary, ENTRY for the Entire Weekend is ONLY $25 Prepaid by 6/13/14 and Pre-Regs Only include a FREE BBQ DINNER from the BONEHEADS, LIVE BAND, and FREE Campsites & Bunkhouses. PRE-REG Cutoff Limit of 600 Players Only.

AUG 16/17 - “QUEST for the HOLY GRAIL” 12 HOUR HYBRID GAME: Repressed Peasants battle the Krazy KaNiggets in their Quest for the Holy Grail while Encountering Maidens of Castle Anthrax, Knights who say Ni, Frenchmen, Black Knight, Killer White Rabbit and a multitude of other Hilarious characters with 7 Flag Stations and Missions every 40 minutes. This game runs On-Field from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and then Off-Field Games until 11:00 pm plus play under the lights in Castle Aaarrgh and Tippmann Town. Only $40 Entry for the entire Weekend and $65 Per Case of DXS Bronze Paintballs if Prepaid by 8/1/14.

SEP 27/28 - CASTLE CONQUEST XXXVIII: To be held at FORT WAR! 4 to 1 odds of attackers vs Defenders led by HELLCAT and manned by Canadians. Only $40 Entry for the entire Weekend and $65 Case of DXS Bronze Paintballs if Prepaid by 9/12/14.

OCT - Date TBD - HAUNTED WALKING ZOMBIE SHOOT: Prices and Details to follow.

NOV 8/9 - SUE’S TOYS FOR TOTS: 7-Hour Christmas Based Scenario. Only $20 Retail in New Toys gets you Weekend long entry with a Scenario on Saturday and Scheduled Open Play on Sunday if you Pre-register by 10/24/14 with a $20 Deposit that will be applied toward Paint Purchase or Products at the Event. No refunds. At the Event, cost is $20 and a $20 value new toy. Paint will be Winter Fill and sell for $65 a case Prepaid by 10/24/14.
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 14.11.2013 - 19:14

Exiled Souls News  AAR: Quest for the Holy Grail @ EMR, AUG 17-18, 2013
There is only one word to describe how this past weekend went..... "AWESOMELY". In her debut role as a commander, 10 year old Hanna "Animal" Heemer led the Krazy Kaniggets to a 12000 to 9000 point victory over the Repressed Peasants. And this was achieved while dealing with the Knights Who Say Ni, the Maidens, the Killer Rabbit, The Monster, the Black Knight, the Green Knight, and other assorted characters all attempting, in their own way, to throw wrenches in the works.

As you can probably tell, it was a hard-fought victory, whose outcome wasn't known for at least 18 hours after the game actually ended! Going into the final battle, it was suspected that the Kaniggets were losing, after missing an opportunity to secure a key high-value mission towards the end of the main event. After taking a short break to air up, and refill some pods, the Final Battle was on. Hanna took this time to rally her forces, and re-kindle their determination to win.

We dominated the final battle, fighting on the speedball field for control of the 6 swap-sticks at the 50, and gathering as many 'holy-hand grenades' as possible (we got all the ones assigned to our side within 10 minutes of the start of the battle!). The Peasants were only able to recover 4 (of a possible 50) grenades, and weren't able to score any points on any of the 6 swap-stick stations (which were worth 100 points per 5 minutes, with the final battle lasting 30 minutes = 3000 pts possible).

Please take a moment, if you weren't able to attend, to congratulate Hanna on being the youngest EMR commander, and for securing a resounding victory on her first attempt! I imagine we'll be seeing more of her and her brother in the events to come! They come from a very talented paintball family! We look forward to seeing all of you at Fall Castle @ EMR! Have a Great Summer!
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 19.08.2013 - 06:32

Exiled Souls News  Google+ "Pages" Page
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 06.08.2013 - 06:10

Exiled Souls News  After Action Reports & Upcoming Events Reminders
After Action Reports (AAR's) Needed for the following events (if attended):
LVP South - MAY 11 - "Blues Brothers" -
OXCC - MAY 18 - “Sedition: The Sierra 242 Incident” –
Poco Loco - JUN 1 - Battle for Oz -
OXCC - JUN 15–16 - “Fallout: New Vegas” –
EMR - JUN 29-30 - “WESTERN WARS” -
Skirmish - JUL 13-14 – INVASION of NORMANDY -
OXCC - JUL 21 - OXCC Scenario School –
GRC Paintball - JUL 27-28 - Viper Game - &

Upcoming events to keep on your calendar:
OXCC - DEC 14 - “The Battle of the Bulge: Advance on the Rhine” –
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 26.07.2013 - 07:33

Exiled Souls News  Regarding Peter "Cookie Monster" Murphy...
From Beaker:

"Effective immediately, we will no longer have Pete “Cookie Monster” Murphy as our co-captain. Pete has left the team and I do not plan to put a new co-captain in place. If this changes in the future, I will work with Jared to determine who would be a good fit for the co-captain position. You all work well together as a team and I don't think it is necessary to have a co-captain. My ongoing goal is for the team to work together as one unit. Playing together, not independently, makes us a force to be reckoned with. "

Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 26.07.2013 - 07:26

Exiled Souls News   AAR: Spring Castle @ EMR
While I wasn't able to attend this event myself (for the first time in 4 years!) I did touch base with USA Beaker on Saturday, at around 2PM to find out how it went. Apparently DEFENDERS WON!!! As far as I am aware, Defenders haven't won the Spring event since the last time I participated in a defense back in 2009. If I'm wrong, drop me an email. Also - if I've left some pertinent details out, or you'd like me to post something else up here, drop me an email about that too! You can email me at Aaron Gurish. Until we meet again at the next event, have a Stupendous Spring!!!
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 30.04.2013 - 11:45

Exiled Souls News  Remaining 2013 Scenario Games List
Swamp Paintball Park - NOV 16 - Battle Royale -

Wayne's World - DEC 6-8 - Grand Finale: Mech Wars -
OXCC - DEC 14 - “The Battle of the Bulge: Advance on the Rhine” –
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 12.04.2013 - 12:50

Exiled Souls News  AAR: March Meltdown Event @ EMR, "The Paintballing Dead"
AAR: March Meltdown Event @ EMR, "The Paintballing Dead"

What a weekend, and what a way to start of another successful season! This year, Aaron "War Machine" Gurish, and Jared "Subway" Klossner, as General, and X.O. respectively, were able to command a motley crew of misfits (with a couple of organized teams) to a victory. The final score was 10000 points vs 7000 points, with the special awards breaking down as follows:

Most Valuable Team: Norwich University Cadets, led by "Smarts"
Most Valuable Player: "Hunter" from Sons of Affliction
Young Gun: AJ Gardner
Most Formidable Opponent: Wildcards

The winning strategy appeared to be a combination of key missions, as well as well-timed flag captures, especially the high-point-value flags that were located nearest the Zombie insertion point. Peter "Cookie Monster" Murphy, as the commander of the Zombie Horde, did his level-best to throw bones, and other assorted body parts in both The Survivors and The Townspeople's works, but the Living were able to ultimately defeat the Dead. Eric Engler also played the part of a Zombie, and even cracked out his MG-42 machine gun for part of the day. It was a wonder to hear and behold, as the un-muffled shots could be heard throughout the entire facility. Another interesting point was how the modifications to Ft. Worr (more windows, etc) modified how hard/easy the Fort has become to attack/defend. Fall Castle, which is slated to be held at Ft. Worr, is going to be a slugging match this year. It should really turn out to be a fun game! Pictures of the event will be posted in the team album as soon as they can be sourced. See you at Spring Castle!
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 25.03.2013 - 11:49

Exiled Souls News  New Website Policy
Hello Everyone,

As the team web-master, I'm instituting a new website policy. If you wish to get an account on the Team's website in order to post in the forums, etc - Please contact me first. I will create your account for you, instead of having you create an account for yourself. We've been getting too many spammers creating accounts on the site - and I've made the "captcha" security impossible for a human to solve. If someone/something attempts to register themselves, this indicates that they aren't paying attention to the rules, and they aren't really interested in contributing in a productive way. All self-created accounts are summarily deleted. No explanation or apologies will be given. Thank you all for your cooperation.


Aaron "War Machine" Gurish
Links: n/a
written by War Machine - 26.07.2012 - 04:54

Exiled Souls News  Check this site out!
Scenario Paintball Teams - Wiki

We`re listed under multiple sections, since we have teammates from up and down the eastern seaboard, and Ohio!

Links: • Scenario Paintball Teams - Wiki
written by War Machine - 19.01.2012 - 05:53